1. Phase 2: Analysis

· Interviews/Requirements gathering

· Requirements listing

· Before & After Process Flow Diagrams (e.g. Context Diagram, Use-Case Diagram, Data-Flow Diagram, etc.)

· Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

· High Level Project Schedule (Gantt chart)

· Estimated Cost/Benefit Analysis spreadsheet (use standard template)

· Analysis of Options (e.g. In-House vs. Outsource vs. Do-Nothing; AND/OR vendor comparison matrix)

· Risk Register (use standard template)

· Quality Management Plan (use standard template)

· S4A1 – Put your thoughts together in 3- 6 pages for the Analysis and Design phases of your MAP project. You can refer to the ARP Handbook for additional input (Blackboard/Course Materials). Include a risk register and quality management plan (templates in Blackboard/Course Materials).