apply the terms associated with altruism to a current event.

Pleasecomplete paper on the upload of conflict paper for the topic for assignment two and read the instructors comments and in instructions.
The first assignment
In this assignment you will apply the terms associated with altruism to a current event.
Locate a news article describing an act of altruism.
Write a 700- to 1050-word paper in which you analyze the act of altruism.
Explain the act in terms of social exchange social responsibility and reciprocity theory.
Apply one of the concepts of social psychology (such as group influence persuasion cognitive dissonance or self in the social world) to the act of altruism
Cite a minimum of 2 scholarly references.
Format your paper according to APA guidelines.
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Please have the running head as Altruism Paper
This is assignment 2
Assignment this is the conflict paper please see upload
Please also do a running head Conflict paper
In this assignment you will integrate the concepts of conflict resolution group influence and attribution to develop a program of conflict resolution to a current conflict situation.
Identifya conflict between two groups and obtain approval from your instructor.
Writea 700- to 1050-word paper in which you create a program to improve the relationship between two groups. Examples include between police and a community managers and subordinates the city council committee and a special interest group and unions and management. Be specific in identifying what community company or organization you are writing about.
Nature of the Conflict
Describe the context of the conflict. What kind of community or organization is this? Who are the stakeholders in the outcome of the conflict?
Identify the overt and covert issues presenting both sides.
Describe the effect the conflict has on the organization within which it exists and if applicable the surrounding community.
Identify attribution errors and how they will be addressed in the program.
Analyze the dynamics within each group and between groups. Who are the leaders? Does anyone stall or undermine the group? Is there a relationship between two subgroups?
Program Design
Apply the elements of conflict resolution.
Describe the central strategy you will use to resolve or diminish the conflict.
Provide at least one reference supporting the use of such a strategy.
Include a program component that employs social media.
Explain how you will address attribution errors between the groups.
Identify the elements of persuasion you will use in your program.
Createa 15- to 20-minute oral presentation that you would give to sell your program to the company or organization where the conflict exists. The presentation should be accompanied by 10 MicrosoftPowerPointslides with speaker notes that include the following:
The goals of the program
The logistics of the program (schedule location and so on)
The content of the program (any worksheets activities or events)
Citeat least 4 references in your presentation including the reference that demonstrates research support of your program strategy.
Formatany citations in your presentation according to APA guidelines.
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Instructions for conflict paper is as follows from instructor.
This is a good topic for the Conflict Resolution Program. Be sure you focus on the conflict that exists between these groups and propose specific ways to resolve this conflict.