Identifying the components of his/her nursing philosophy.

You have now been exposed to various worldviews of well known theorists and their nursing philosophies/theories, including other disciplines’ philosophies.

In this project, you will write your own philosophy of nursing unique to your own current practice of nursing.

Writing a philosophy is time-consuming, and requires much self-introspection. It involves writing down your beliefs and values about nursing. Often you ask the questions: ” What is nursing?” and “Why do I practice nursing the way I do it now?”

When writing your own philosophy/theory, be sure to address the following:
Key Concepts of your philosophy/theory;
The 4 Metaparadigms of nursing as you view them and how they apply in your own practice area; (and relate it to the next bullet)
The Nursing Process;
How your philosophy could be applied to your present nursing practice, research, administration and/or education;
Your philosophy’s strengths and limitations (be sure to elaborate on these).

Remember, there is no right or wrong philosophy! The goal here is to expound on your philosophy based on the knowledge you obtained or have understood or learned through the study of other theorists/philosophers.

Before beginning this project, review MDC School of Nursing BSN Philosophy . (This is an example of how concepts and philosophy guides and directs curriculum.)

The paper should follow these guidelines:

It must be your original work.
Correct grammar and spelling are expected.
When you have completed this assignments, you will be able to construct a personal philosophy of nursing by:
(Competency 2)

identifying the components of his/her nursing philosophy.
clarifying their personal values and beliefs.
reconciling personal and professional values through values clarification.
explaining the various levels of belief systems.
constructing a personal nursing philosophy by integrating the metaparadigms and the his/her individual values.

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