level analysis to demonstrate understanding of how process can and does create opportunities for ROI

Students will prepare a graduate level analysis to demonstrate understanding of how process can and does create opportunities for ROI. This assignment is a three to five page paper (sometimes it takes up to seven), which utilizes graduate level writing and APA. The paper will have an introduction, analysis, recommendations and a conclusion. You will demonstrate your understanding of this topic by selecting an actual company and making an MBA analysis that will demonstrate that your recommendation will improve a process. Then you will create a visual display and as a result make recommendations. Your visual displays can include a picture that you create of a “current process” and “proposed process.”

Remember you first have to choose a company and then choose a process within that company. Then you will research that company and the industry in which it exists. You will show graduate level research on the company, and also on the trends that are affecting that company. Sometimes the trends for an industry will also provide an interesting visual display for this paper.

The first six chapters of the text book explain process and is chock full of examples of how to evaluate and improve processes. Use two to three of the process methods explained in the text (of course cite them) to evaluate a process in your selected organization.

There is also a data display requirement for this assignment. Check out Tuftee, who is the “King” of data display at: The Work of Edward Tufte and Graphics Press. At this Website you can also click through to more about his work. This information will help you with your data display requirement for this assignment. One fifth of your grade on this assignment will be based upon the quality and clarity of the display of your data displays.

It is important that you show quantitative operations methods. Explain how you would analyze and improve a process for a product or a service in this paper. Give specific examples.

Please remember that your recommendations are only presented as options or opportunities. An MBA does not use the words, “must, have to, should, etc.” Remember the voice of the MBA is to present opportunity and options based upon data (not opinion).