Principles of Indigenous Community Development

Principles of Indigenous Community Development
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Write an essay on one of the following topics:
a) Criticize the principle concepts and theories of community development. In your
response, make reference to empowerment and the concept of change within
Australia and two international Indigenous communities.
b) To what extend are the principle concepts and theories of community development
linked to empowerment? In your response, make reference to the concept of change
and Indigenous community development in Australia and two international
Your essay must
contain an introduction, main body, a conclusion, a Reference
List (not a Bibliography) and in-text acknowledgements of your references.
The essay divisions (introduction, body and conclusion) are not to be
sign-posted by way of sub-headings throughout your argument. It
should be evident to your reader where the introduction, body and conclusion start
and finish.
You MUST use the AGPS Reference Style. Style sheet uploaded.
All references are to be no older than 10 years. Most important of all, is the quality and use of
sources in your argument. Select them wisely!
Avoid over-generalisations about Indigenous Australians that often have
dehumanising effects. Aboriginalism refers to the practice of stereotyping, making
statements about Indigenous Australians and of speaking on their behalf.
Statements such as “The Indigenous people think . . . “, or “The Aboriginal people
and their culture was eliminated by colonialism”, are to be avoided.
Please also take care with terminology. In sum do not use such terms as “the
Aboriginals”, “aborigines”, and “ATSI” which may cause offence. Use the terms by
which Indigenous people self-identify. Also remember to apply proper noun use
when referring to Australia’s First Peoples for instance Indigenous Australians, Torres
Strait Islanders, Koori’s and Anaiwan. In regard to non-Indigenous Australians this
label is to be applied to those people who are not Australia’s First People. At the
time of colonisation, the European settlers represented this group.
In general, do not write from a personal point of view. Detach yourself from the
topic and try to write objectively. However, if personal experience is pertinent and a
good exemplar of the point that you are trying to make, it can be included, as long as
you back up your arguments with academic citations.
8. Your argument needs to be logical and clearly written. It is very important to edit
and proof read your assignment before submitting it.
– Non-English words should be italicized;
– Quotations should be in double quotation marks;
– Numbers greater than 10 should be in figures for example
nine and 31;
– Dates should be in the form of 8 January 1952;
– An abstract and Table of Contents is not to be included:
– An opening quote before the introduction is not required.
Community development in all instances is there to serve the needs of the community and has grass root support. I have uploaded a document on definitions it’s a little old but it does explore the concepts quite well. The reference is at the bottom of page 1 of article.