Selection and Resources Worksheet

BIO 101

Final Project Topic Selection and Resources Worksheet

Prompt: To complete your project, you will need to select a topic and begin your research. Select one of the topic groups from the list provided in the Final Project Document and then define the specific topic for your project. You will be drawing from information in scholarly resources to support your position. These should be primary sources and should be reliable (Wikipedia is a great place to start your search, but should not be one of your references). To help you in your search, you will complete and submit this worksheet. You will receive feedback on the resources you are using and whether your search should be expanded.

PART 1: Provide answers to the following prompts.

1. Topic

Write your topic here and provide a draft title for your project.

Cellular Genetic Modification (“Designer Babies”)

Pros and Cons of Modify Designer Babies

2. Brief Description of Topic

Provide at least one paragraph (5–7 sentences) that describes your topic choice and what you will investigate for your final project.

I researched some information on the topic. The creation of designer babies is often questioned due to the moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding it. People frequently wonder if parents have the right reasons for modifying their child or if their reasoning is superficial. Others argue that the possibility to prevent/reduce the risk of genetic diseases outweighs the moral implications. I would like to review more on the Pros and Cons of Designer Babies.

3. Resources

Describe several sources of information that you will use.

PART 2: Answer the following questions.

1. In which module is the final project presentation due?

Module 7

2. Briefly describe your experience with presentation software such as PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Prezi. Have you previously used such software to make a presentation?

I have very little experience with PowerPoint. I have not used any of the other software’s.

3. Where in the course resources can you find the information needed to guide your final project? Specifically, what is the name of the folder, and how can it be accessed?

*Course Information

*Assignment Guidelines and Rubics

*In that folder you will find Final Project Written Presentation Outline and Literature Review Worksheet, Milestones 1, 2 and Final Project Document, Final Project Topic Selection and Resources Worksheet
4. List any questions for the instructor or any concerns that you may have about this project.

I have no questions at this time.