TOPIC: Espoused Values

TOPIC: Espoused Values


· Perform research in the Liberty University Online Library and find 4 articles that deal directly with that term. Choose 1 article to summarize and use the other 3 articles to compare and contrast with the first article in your discussion. All articles must have been published in the past five years.

· The format of the posting must be as follows:


o Term

o Definition of term (cannot be from the textbook—must be from the research)

o Summarize the article you have chosen

o Discuss the article—compare and contrast the article that you have chosen to the others that you have found regarding the same term. This is an analysis of the topic—and all assertions should be supported by the research. The entire initial thread should be 400–500 words in length.

o Integrate a biblical concept into an aspect of the discussion using the Course Scriptures. (attached)

o Integrate 1 of the YouTube videos which is relevant to your topic.

o List references in current APA format.

· Use headings, write in third person, and use current APA for in-text citations.