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This discussion forum opens on August 24 and closes on September 5. At a minimum, students should provide an initial posting that meets the criteria outlined in these guidelines and provide a substantive response to the postings (initial or replies) of two other class members. Click on the links below to access excellent information from Concordia University and the University of Louisiana at Monroe regarding scholarly and substantive discussion board postings. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Purpose and Goals: Reflection and self assessment are essential elements of the APN role. This discussion is designed to provide students with an opportunity to examine and assess their current levels of experience with health policy, political involvement, and knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) coming into the course. Examples in the KSA category include policy analysis and/or application/interpretation, communication (oral and written), advocacy, lobbying, working with the media, building coalitions, working with special interest groups, working with legislators, data mining, and/or providing expert testimony or consultation.

Keep in mind that this exercise is intended to be exploratory in nature; the goal is to help students identify and assess their current KSAs and provide a point of reference or comparison for the policy toolkit assignment you will complete later in the the semester.


Review the DNP health policy and prevention competencies in the reference documents included in Module 1. In an initial discussion board posting, (a) provide a brief summary of your past exposure to or experiences with health policy and clinical prevention (don’t forget previous course work and workplace institutional- or organizational- level health policy experiences). (b) describe your current KSAs in both areas using the criteria outlined by AACN in the DNP Essentials and/or by Zaccagnini and White. (c) describe how you would gauge your current level of involvement in policy using Hewison’s Nursing Policy Involvement Framework and your responses to (a) and (b). Include references when/where indicated using APA format to the extent the features in Canvas allow.

Click here to access the evaluation rubric for this assignmentPreview the documentView in a new window Review the evaluation criteria for this assignment carefully before you begin and note the emphasis on understanding and application of relevant course content. In this instance, your discussion board postings should reflect your understanding of DNP policy and clinical prevention competencies and your current strengths and opportunities for growth.