What are the levels of organization of the human body?

Directions: Answer each of the following questions.

1. What are the levels of organization of the human body?

2. Which type of tissue covers the surface of the body?

3. What are the functions of the skeletal system?

4. Which organ system supports the body and allows it to move?

5. What is homeostasis?

6. Describe how one of the human organ systems helps maintain homeostasis.

7. What is cartilage? What is its role in the skeletal system?

8. List three functions of the human skeleton.

9. Identify the three types of specialized bone cells and what they do.

10. Define immovable joint, and give an example of bones that are connected by this type of joint.

11. Describe the movement of a pivot joint, such as the elbow.

12. What can muscle cells do that other cells cannot?

13. Why are skeletal and cardiac muscles striated?

14. Where is smooth muscle tissue found?

15. What is the function of skeletal muscle?

16. How are skeletal muscles attached to bones?

17. What organs make up the integumentary system?

18. Describe how new epidermal cells form, develop, and are shed from the body.

19. What is keratin? What role does it play in the organs of the integumentary system?

20. What is the function of the stratum corneum?

Essay submission: Select one (1) Biology topic from this lesson, and submit a 3-5 paragraph essay about the topic. Present the answer in complete sentences with supporting information from the Lesson. Do not copy and paste from the Lessons or Internet resources, but answer in your own words to demonstrate understanding of the material. Remember to cite your sources!

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