Literature Review For Dissertation

You will need your completed Article Review Tool Excel spreadsheet for this discussion.


->quality of life/health and well-being for retired clergy and religious women and men.

->the influence of a personal spirituality and desire to become, or “sense of calling” upon a person’s well-being

Identify 7 additional current studies three qualitative and three quantitative, to support an initial review of the literature and complete the review using the attached spreadsheet Article Review.

One article is attached to be reviewed.

Post your Excel spreadsheet with the analysis of one of the current studies you located completed (ensure each of the columns is filled in with the required information).

· Date of publication.

· Journal title.

· Authors and affiliations.

· Need for the study.

· Research question (or questions).

· Population sampled.

· Research method (quantitative or qualitative).

· Method (or methods) of data collection.

· Results (brief list of findings).

· Discussion (implications of findings).

· Limitations.

· Recommendations for further research.

Briefly discuss the recommendations for further research and how you could use those recommendations to develop a study to add to the knowledge base for the field. Be sure you cite and reference the article in correct APA formatting. Remember each discussion is an opportunity to practice APA formatting.