Common name (in English) of the species

What is due: A 3-5 page paper written on your chosen species. (write about Nihoa Finch)

Details of work to be done:

Each student will write a 3-5 page paper following the Written Report Guidelines. With your report you should include a bibliography that includes at least 3 different references that you used in the completion of your report. Remember, WIKIs are not acceptable as references. Be sure to follow the Bibliography Guidelines for your references. Every sentence must be constructed by you. Any sentence quoted will not be considered part of your report. Any sentence copied from a source will be considered plagiarized, and a zero will be assigned for this assignment. The research paper should be typed and a hardcopy submitted on the due date.

To receive full credit on this portion of this assignment you will need to include:

Common name (in English) of the species

Scientific name of the species, in proper format (e.g., Homo sapiens)

A detailed physical description of the species (male and female might be different)

Reproductive information of the species – how many offspring per year, length of gestation or incubation, how many mates at once, courtship ritual, age at sexual maturity, etc.

How does this species obtain its energy and water – what does it eat and how does it stay hydrated?

Biomes and specific habitats used by the species, and how it obtains shelter

Specific geographic location of the species as it was before it became endangered

Specific geographic location of the species, as it is today (be sure to indicate if today’s range is the same as the historical range)

Why is the number of individuals in the species on the decline?

What specific actions are being done to help the species recover?

Any other interesting information about the species