HITECH Legislation

Post a 1 page in APA style ( No more than 250 word) description of how HITECH legislation has positively or negatively impacted your organization. Address how its related incentives influence the adoption of health information technology in health care and impact the quality of patient care. Provide a summary of the article you identified and explain how it demonstrates the ability of health information technology to meet the requirements of meaningful use. CITE SOURCES & USE AT LEAST 3 REFERENCES.


•Review the Learning Resources on the HITECH legislation and its primary goals. •Reflect on the positive and negative impact this legislation has had on your organization or one with which you are familiar. •Consider the incentives to encourage the use of EHRs. Focus on the definition of meaningful use and how it is measured. •Reflect on how the incentives and meaningful use impact the quality of patient care. •Find an article in the Walden Library dealing with one of the criteria to qualify for meaningful use and how it has been successfully met.