Non Biology Major

Considering what you have learned about your body, your ecosystem, and how living organisms interact with each other, what are some steps that you can do to improve your body and life on Earth for all organisms? Make sure you include specific examples discussed in the course.

Did this course meet your expectations? What did you like the best about this course? What suggestions can you offer to improve this course for future students?

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Considering what I have learned about my body, the ecosystem, and how living organisms react with each other, some stops I can do to improve my body while at the same time improve life for all organisms on earth would be to stop eating poulry and bring awareness to the suffering of animals in response to such a high demand of U.S> meat consumers. This could stop a lot of cncers and diseases as these animals are raised unnaturally in terrible conditions to grow faster, larger and increase profit for the meat productions, and all to cover up the battered and bruised animals existence at the very end to shoot them up or dope them up with antibiotics, to merely cover up infections and malnourishment’s the animal endured during its life. If i could stop the consumption and bring awareness to what people are eating and how the meat people are eatring is being raised it can shed a light on the meat industry and hopefully encourage them to change the policy and tity the meat production up. This course not only met my expectations but surpassed as we were allowed as students creative feedback ans imput, which is overlooked and highly important in making a class course memorable. I will not forget the resources discussed in this class course and the interactions we had as a class, and the only advice I could suggest to you as a professor would be to remain diligent in your studies and refreshing your class work, as to educate more students as we do need you .