Quality Management

Paper requires written and choice answers. Due 3/11 by 6p est.

1) The Soft Quality Management Practices have only indirect effect on the organization performance

True ______ False______

2) Quality management seeks to ensure the consistency of products and services.

True ______ False______

3) The Baldrige Award was created by American Society for Quality

True ______ False______

4) Planning Quality Management process is concerned with the quality that the project work needs to have

True ______ False______

5) ISO 9000 goal is to improve quality

True ______ False______

6) During managing quality process, the requirements from quality plan are turned into test and evaluation instruments

True ______ False______

7) Deming noted that workers are responsible for 10 to 20 percent of the quality problems in a factory

True ______ False______

8) Quality metrics are output of managing quality

True ______ False______

9) Quality and grade are the same concepts

True ______ False______

10) Inspection keeps errors out of the hands of customers

True ______ False______

B. Please answer the following multiple choice questions (each worth 3 points)):

1. The following are tools/techniques in quality planning except ———

1. Data gathering

2. Flowcharting

3. Test planning

4. Change request

5. Cost-benefit analysis

2. The Quality Control Handbook was published by:

A. Deming

B. Crosby

C. Juran,

D. Feigenbaum

3. Deming emphasizes that training should be

A) Hands on

B) Mandatory

C) Available to everyone

D) Based on employee performance

E) Self-paced

4. The Roof of the House of Quality is used to

A. Ensure all customer requirements are addressed

B. Reduce product cost

C. Consider tradeoffs among technical requirements

D. Decide which features to implement

E. Identify the correlation between Customer requirements

5. The following are tools/techniques in controlling quality except —————–

1. Data gathering

2. Data analysis

3. Statistical sampling

4. Test planning

5. Root cause analysis

6. The key requirements to consider for the quality of a product’s life cycle include the following except ——————–:

A. Reliability

B. Safety

C. Price

D. Serviceability

E. Maintainability

7. In the House of Quality strong correlation is given a weight of

A. 1

B. 3

C. 6

D. 9

E. 100%

8. The following Organizations can apply for the Baldrige Award except _________________

A. Schools

B. Non-profits

C. Small manufacturing companies

D. European companies

E. All of the above

F. None of the above

9. The Crosby’s 4 absolutes of Quality does not include —————–

1. Quality means conformance to requirements

2. The system for causing quality is prevention

3. The performance standard is fitness for use

4. The measurement of quality is the price of nonconformance

10. Baldrige Award has __________ Critera

F. 5

G. 7

H. 10

I. 30

J. 50

C. Please respond to the following questions. Each question is worth 10 points:

1) As quality engineer you are asked to organize the following cost items into the categories of Quality Cost (Prevention, Appraisal, Internal Failures and External Failures). Items that are not quality cost should be grouped into non-quality cost category

• Downgrading products

• Customer returns

• Customer needs assessment

• Requirement Review

• Design Review

• Incoming parts inspection

• In-process inspection

• Final inspection

• New product release

• Quality improvement projects

• Process capability evaluations

• Processing customer complaints

• Product design

• Product manufacturing

• Product recalls

• Quality education and training

• Quality improvement team meetings

• Software upgrade

• Quality planning

• Re-inspection

• Re-testing

• Rework

• Routine maintenance

• Scrap

• Procurement

• Software update

• System enhancements

• Warranty claims

• Prototyping

• Revising drawings

• Code walkthrough

• Unit testing

2) In a House of Quality, if a row of the correlation matrix (customer requirements against design requirements) is blank what does it mean or imply? As the project manager what would you do?

3) Describe Deming’s System of profound knowledge.

4) What are the Enterprise Environmental Factors

5) Describe the steps you will follow to conduct a benchmarking exchange