The business field i work in is Support Coordination for Developmentally Disabled Adults:

Topic Proposal:

Your business proposal topic selection should be about a change in your organization’s INTERNAL processes, procedures, products, people, or structure that will be beneficial to your organization based on events that are currently happening in your business environment. For example, what are the main issues happening at your current or previous employment? Briefly identify the problem(s) and propose solution(s) to the problem. Please see Chapter 15.5, “Reducing Electrovision’s Travel and Entertainment Costs,” which you will use as your guide in writing your final paper. This is NOT a proposal to start a new business.
VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure your business topic proposal is neither too broad nor too narrow of a topic. Your business proposal topic selection must be one full page, minimum. Use essay format. Use at least one credible source in support of your topic proposal; list as your reference using APA style of writing.

The business field i work in is Support Coordination for Developmentally Disabled Adults:
Brief Overview of Position: Provides case management services to individuals with developmental disabilities by ensuring the individual’s needs are met, health and safety maximized, and that rights are not infringed upon. The Support Coordinator serves as an advocate and works to ensure that the individual is satisfied with services, and the optimal goal is to ensure that individual’s are integrated within their community.

Manages a 35-40 person caseload
Collaborates with families, natural supports, physicians, and community providers on the behalf of the individuals served
Completes monthly documentation
Completes Individualized Support Plans, Critical Incident Reports, Technical Assistance Consultation Forms, and Request for Additional Services Forms
Facilitates meetings for addendums and individual support plans
Assist individuals with developing community supports
Assist individuals in obtaining Medicaid and social security eligibility
Attends monthly staff meetings
Completes annual training