Book Critique #2

Book Critique #2
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You will submit a 6–10-page, Book Critique assignment in which you will summarize the following book:
• Book Critique 2–Show Me How to Preach Evangelistic Sermons by R. Larry Moyer
Note that the book review must not have a title page or a bibliography page. The bibliographic data, as shown in the above example, will appear at the top of page 1. Your name, city, and school must appear at the end of the paper, flush right. The bibliographic data must be single spaced. The body of the review must be double spaced. All text must be 12-point Times New Roman font. There must be NO footnotes. All citations, even of outside sources (if you use them), must be parenthetical, just as they appear in the example. Page numbers must appear in the top right hand corner of the paper.
The body of the review must consist of an introductory paragraph in which you will include (1) the author’s thesis or theme for the book and (2) your thesis statement regarding the purpose of the book review. It must then contain a brief summary of the contents of the book, followed by a more extensive critique of the book’s strengths and weaknesses. You must seek to identify 2 of the book’s significant strengths and weaknesses. You will derive these strengths and weaknesses based on your findings in answering these simple questions:
• Does the author adequately support and defend his thesis?
• What parts of his/her argument build his thesis and support it?
• What are weaknesses that pose a problem for his/her thesis?