Essay in Self Leadership and Positive Psychology

Essay in Self Leadership and Positive Psychology
The goal of Assignment 1 is to critically analyse the Self-Leadership and Positive Psychology literatures and apply them to your chosen career.
Using a Self-Leadership perspective analyse your strengths and weaknesses as revealed in the surveys employed in Weeks 1 to 5. Use this information to evaluate your chosen career.
Please address the topics discussed in the readings in Weeks 1 to 5. Describe how learning about self-leadership and positive psychology has changed the way you think about yourself and your career.
Suggested Structure
? Introduction
? Goal of the paper
? What is your career?
? What is self-leadership?
? What is positive psychology?
? Critical analysis of Self-leadership and Positive Psychology
? Why is self-leadership important? What are the techniques you can use?
? How is Positive Psychology relevant? What are the techniques you can use?
? Personality traits beneficial in your career
? Search for references that relate to the surveyed traits to your chosen career.
? Personal Profile
? Insert a table showing your survey scores, interpretation from the survey and strengths and weaknesses.
? Analysis of your chosen career
? How suited is your chosen career to your personality?
? Conclusion
? What benefits have you received from doing this assignment?