General Anatomy and Physiology

General Anatomy and Physiology

Critical Thinking Assignment #2

1) List the six digestive processes discussed in class. Using your own words, create a brief description for each.

2) For each of the above processes, list every portion of the alimentary canal in which the process occurs.

3) Create a diagram illustrating the 4 layers of the alimentary canal. For each layer, describe the type of tissue that may be found there.

4) Differentiate peristalsis vs. segmentation. Discussion should include the type of smooth muscle involved, the locations for these processes and the overall purpose for each process.

5) For each of the following food substances, list the location(s) in the alimentary canal where they are chemically digested and the substance (enzyme, acid, etc.) involved in that digestion: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids.

6) List the 4 types of cells found in the gastric glands and the function of each.

7) Develop 1 multiple choice question from each of the following topics: tooth structure, functions of saliva, deglutition, intrinsic factor, bile production, hepatocyte functions, absorption in colon.