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Group Case Study 2

Complete the following assignment in groups of no more than 3 or 4. Note the due date for the case study and refer to your detailed class schedule for the submission requirements. Students will be penalized 25% per day late penalty for any assignments submitted after the beginning of the class in which the assignment is due. This paper will be marked based on the marks allocated below. This assignment is worth a total of 10% of your final grade.

Glorious Gardens Inc.

This company is in the gardening business in a big way. It is a one stop, all purpose gardening super service. Anyone can have a glorious garden anywhere, without having to work at it, provided they can pay for it!

It grows its own stock of plants, shrubs and trees in its own greenhouses, nurseries and farms. It owns several large garden superstores in major cities. It sells all kinds of garden supplies, seeds, plants, shrubs, trees, furniture and tools (both manual and mechanical).

It will design, build, plant and service any kind of garden, private, commercial or public. It will design, build or install and service all kinds of swimming pools. On a contract basis it will spray for bugs, and fertilize lawns, trees and plants. Insecticides and herbicides will be used. It will cut your grass and even remove and trim your trees. An indoor service for taking care of plants in offices and other commercial buildings is available. The company has expert staff and consultants with various specialties – horticulturists, landscape architects, chemists and environmentalists. It has a fairly large staff that increases greatly in the summer months when summer students are hired. It has many vehicles, including some specialized mobile equipment including tank trucks, earthmovers and cherry pickers.

You are the insurance broker who has the task of attending to the company’s liability insurance requirements.

Make a list of the liability exposures you think that this company will have. (20 marks)

Prepare a recommended liability insurance program using coverage mentioned in this course. (20 marks)

The insurance program you have suggested has been accepted by the client and is now in place. You later receive a call form the client about the following potential claim.

Shortly after the company’s employees had serviced a customer’s swimming pool they received an urgent call from the customer that several children who were playing in the pool together had become sick. The customer suspected that some mistake had been made. Would they please come immediately and do something about it.

What immediate action would you expect the insurer to take? (5 marks)

What are the legal considerations and how would your liability insurance program respond? (5 marks)

How to Submit your Assignment
This assignment is submitted in class in Week 11.

Grading Criteria
Mark will be allocated as indicated in instructions above.

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