Personal Statement for US Residency in Internal Medicine

I need a 1 page, single spaced paper I can submit to US Internal Medicine Residency programs. I have added a little more about myself below. Letter of Interest: I wish to pursue a residency in Internal Medicine and specialize with a fellowship in Gastroenterology.

My interest in Gastroenterology was sparked by the diagnosis of colorectal cancer in my grandfather who was residing in India. Due to the lack of medical facilities and access to medical care, he was unable to catch the diagnosis early on and seek proper treatment. Since his passing in 2004, I have been determined to pursue a career as a physician and I wish to see a future where access to medical care is not a luxury, but available to all.

My bachelor’s degree in nutritional sciences also peaked my interest in the way diet affects the human body. I believe it is important for physicians to have a good understanding of the importance of diet and exercise in maintaining health and well-being in their patients. Enjoy learning about the various forms of diet plans and leading an active lifestyle.

I envision my practice post-residency in an urban setting with outlets geared towards reaching out to the underserved. I believe health care is a basic human right and should be made readily available regardless of economic status or advanced age. Hobbies: Hobbies and Recreational Interests include volunteering in the community, photography, mountain biking, hiking and rock climbing.

Noteworthy Characteristics:
1. In her first year, Ms. Mathew became an active member in several interest groups at CUSOM and became an executive board member of the CUSOM Dermatology Club. Her enthusiasm for the field of medicine was evident early on in her medical school journey.

2. In her second year, Ms. Mathew achieved the Translating Osteopathic Understanding into Community Health Award for completing over 50 hours of community service. Her dedication to service through volunteerism directly impacted several lives within the rural and underserved community of central North Carolina.

3. In her third year, Ms. Mathew worked with Dr. H. Paul Singh, Director of Gastroenterology at WakeMed Cary, to introduce and present information at Grand Rounds regarding the Trans-oral Incisionless Fundoplication procedure to the Wakemed Cary OR staff. She also wrote two blog posts for the Cary Center for Digestive Diseases website with approval from Dr. Singh to offer his patients advice for combating symptoms of heartburn and GERD, along with creating a diet plan to prevent Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.