Qualitative data analysis and Cross-cultural research

Do not forget references for each question?

5 questions are about qualitative data analysis

1- What do you think to be key characteristics of qualitative research?

2- Explain what is meant by coding. Also explain the role of coding in analyzing qualitative data.

3- What is meant by suggesting that qualitative data are an attractive nuisance?

4- What do you think are the main advantages and disadvantages in departing from theory in qualitative research?

5- How can triangulation make our research more reliable?

These four questions are about cross-cultural research

1- Is cross-cultural research different from research in the same cultural setting? Discuss.

2- What is meant by the equivalence of the unit of analysis? Explain with examples.

3- Explain the two concepts emic and etic. How can we handle these issues in cross cultural research?

4- How can a cross-cultural research project be most meaningful? What adjustments are necessary to accommodate cultural differences?