Analysis of a clinical issue prevalent in the older adult population

The purpose of this assignment is for students to gain an in-depth knowledge of one of
the clinical issues that are prevalent in the older adult population and to and identify
evidence-based practices that should be used by nurses in a variety of settings, (e.g. the
community, hospitals, transitional care, assisted living and nursing homes) to ensure
quality care for elders.
2. Upon completion of this assignment, the student will be able to:
a. Define and describe a clinical issue common in the older adult population
b. Discuss the prevalence of this clinical issue.
c. Analyze appropriate and current evidence-based clinical practices available in the
d. Discuss implementation methods for evidence-based clinical practices which can
inform nurses regarding best practice when providing quality care for older adults.
In this course, as well as other nursing courses you have taken, you have studied common
clinical problems experienced by older adults residing in community and institutional-based
settings (i.e. home, assisted living, transitional care, long term care and hospitals).
Assignment Directions:
The assignment is a formal paper. The audience for the paper is course instructor as well as your
on-line group peers; therefore, it should include formal language and appropriate medical
terminology. The paper needs an introduction, (including a clear purpose/thesis statement), body
of paper and summary and conclusion. A good way to remember this is: tell them what you are
going to tell them, (introduction and purpose/thesis) tell them (body) and then, tell them what you
told them” (summary and conclusion).
Use APA format (2009 guidelines) for paper presentation (i.e. title and headings, etc.) as well as
for citations within the paper and reference list. After selecting a research paper topic, follow the
directions for the content of the assignment. As this is a research paper assignment, you are
expected to conduct a literature search and the selected literature must be current (2000-2011).
Criteria for references used for this paper include your textbook and relevant websites, however,
you must have an additional three to five peer reviewed nursing journal articles (or one clinical
practice guideline and two to four peer reviewed nursing journal article) as references.
The research paper is to be 5-7 pages in length (not including title and reference pages),
double-spaced with one-inch margins with 12-point Times New Roman font. The
assignment should have a title page, page numbers, and a header on each page as well as a
reference page. You may wish to have someone proof read your paper to check for spelling and
grammar errors as well as APA formatting.
Research Paper Topic:
For this paper you should select one of the following clinical issues that are prevalent in the older
adult population.
 Bladder incontinence
 Bowel incontinence
 Foley catheter use
 Constipation
 Malnutrition/weight loss
 Depression
 Dementia
 Delirium
 Altered skin integrity (pressure ulcers)
 Behavioral symptoms and the use of physical restraints
 Behavioral symptoms and the use of chemical restraints (psychotropic medications)
 Loss of function and mobility
 Little or no activity and bedfast
 Falls
 Pain
 Diabetes
 Congestive heart failure
 Cardiovascular disease
 Psychiatric conditions (e.g; schizophrenia, paranoia)
1. How to find Clinical Practice Guidelines: Go to
. Click on
National Guideline Clearing House. Type in a search word (e.g. pressure ulcers,
incontinence). The guidelines related to that clinical issue will be listed.
2. Steps to search the literature for peer reviewed nursing articles and to access clinical
i. You can access nursing literature through signing on to
ii. Click on “my library”
iii. Click on the University of Minnesota Libraries icon
iv. Click on Articles, Books, Journals, & More
v. Select the database you which to search (i.e. Academic Search Premier;
; and Google Scholar
vi. Go to “limit search” and click on “peer reviewed”
vii. You can also click on “CINAHL headings” or “Evidence based care
sheets” and then put in your search terms. The “CINAHL headings”
feature helps to quickly identify literature focused upon the keyword(s)
viii. You can also click on “E-journals” and select a particular journal you are
interested in searching.
1. E-journals you may wish to use for this written assignment
a. MEDSURG Nursing
b. American Journal of Nursing
c. Journal of Gerontological Nursing
d. Geriatric Nursing
Research Paper Content Requirements:

1. Provide a description of the clinical issue including the following: (20%)
a. a current definition of the issue.
b. a discussion regarding the prevalence of this clinical issue in each of the
following settings: the community, assisted living, transitional care, long- term
care and hospitals.
2. Describe what contributes to this clinical issue being a problem for older adults in two of
the following settings: the community, assisted living, transitional care, long term care
and hospitals (note: you will need to seek information in the literature to address these
points). (20%)
3. Discuss evidence-based implementation methods for clinical practice that should be used
to address the clinical issue; i.e., prevent the clinical issue from occurring or decrease the
prevalence of the clinical issue in two of the settings you have chosen (note: you will
need to seek information in the literature to address these points and, this is a significant
portion of the paper). (50%)
4. Paper has cohesive organization; logical development; clear expression of all points;
rationale provided. Adheres to APA format. (10%)

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