Biotene Toothpaste

this is a paper that is regarding a product which is Biotene toothpaste. You are suppose to find resources regarding that toothpaste. Through this you will talk about the active ingredients that are in the toothpaste and how this toothpaste does benefit people who have dry mouth. This toothpaste claims that it helps patients with dry mouth so I need someone to find me resources that support that and talks about in what ways it helps people relive the dry mouth symptoms. You can also mention the active ingredients. you need to summarize each source and explain if this toothpaste helps patient or not. This isn’t just a regular peeople this is regarding the health field so if you don’t know anything about it please do not try to help with it. No plagiarism as well. If this paper does not meet the standard or things that needs to be in there I will be asking for a refund so message me for details.