(Nursing)research the Chinese culture then write an essay of 1000 words on caring for a patient from this culture

You are a student undergoing your practical rotation at one of the leading hospitals in Perth. Your Clinical Supervisor has asked you to research the culture of a patient you are providing care for.
Mr. Kim Seng Lim, a 75 year old Chinese man, has been admitted to the hospital complaining of chest pains. He migrated from Singapore to Australia, after the death of his wife. Mr. Lim lives in Perth with his son and family
In this assessment, students are asked to research the Chinese culture. Write an essay of 1000 words on caring for a patient from this particular culture. Students are advised to use the lecture notes as a guide. Please be mindful that the lecture notes cannot be used as a reference. It is most important for students to highlight what a health professional must take into account for caring for the patient in the hospital. Consider the following: • How this cultural group understands life processes; • How this cultural group defines health and illness; • What this cultural group does to maintain wellness; • What this cultural group believes to be the causes of illness; • How do traditional healers cure and care for members of this cultural group and • How the cultural background of the nurse influences the way in which care is delivered.
Presentation 5% Follow the Undergraduate Assignment Guidelines to guide l Cover page fully completed; available on Moodle lformat including a correct font, 12 Times Roman as discussedl contents page; ltitle page, correct margins; Leftlin Lecture 2 & right margin:3.5cm wide, top & bottom:2.5cm correct paragraphl Footer: froml stay within word limit; l correct line spacing; lformat; whole documentlpage 1 of essay include name, student no., pg. no. Hardcopy to be handed in classlsubmitted through Turnitin as a .docx. with assignment cover page and marking criteria
Student Name: Your Name Student No: Your Student No Lecturer’s Name: Jacinta Joseph Submission Date: 26 April 2016
Assignment Question
Chinese Culture
Content page
topic, including whatl Clear introduction, generally introducing the l and what it will cover. (1st paragraph)lthe assignment is about Assignment purpose & IntroducedlStructure of the essay explained Brief background information andltopic generally (2nd paragraph) Nol Relevant definitions included lsignificance of topic included In-text referencing included wherelconclusions stated in introduction necessary (2nd paragraph)
Restated purpose of essay and summaries of main points. No newl Need to summarise all the main points identified in thelinformation. No in-text reference inl No new information must be included lessay. conclusion
Reference page
Correct end-textl Single line spacing l Alphabetical order l Please ensure in-text matches your end-text. Iflreferencing format not, the plagiarism penalty applies.
References– APA
Follow the ECU 14th edition referencing guide for: Correct format forl Evidence oflin-text references; correct format for end-text reference; l textbooks, lcurrent reading that includes a variety of resources Alll credible health websites – .gov, .edu, .org only. ljournals, Essay length: 1000 wordslreferences need to be less than 7 years old.
Writing skills
l Logical and clear format; written in full, well structured sentences; l Use of the thirdl Correct grammar lCorrect spelling (Australian); Use paraphrasing; any direct quotes followed by alperson only. paraphrase to explain the quote.