Personality Type

Mid- semester Assignment
– Personality Type
In this assignment you are going to look at your personality
type and discuss the implications it has for how you lead and
manage people.

Step 1. Go to this site and take the personality test –
Get your results

Step 2. Read the theory behind this test and
your profile
to understand your characteristics and your
and weaknesses.

Step 3. Briefly present you findings based upon this

Step 4. Discuss the implications of
your style for how
you would lead and manage other people. What kind of
leader do the results indicate that you might be? What
are your strengths and weaknesses as a leader based
upon the results of the questionnaire and what are the
implications of having these strengths and weaknesses
as a leader for the people you manage. What surprised
you about your profile results and what confirmed what
you already know about yourself? Does your profile
resonate with you?
Set your paper up as follows:
My results
My overall leadership style; implications of my style for
the kind of leader I will be or
I am already
My strengths and weaknesses and impact of each on
the people who report to me
What surprised me about my results?
Make sure your paper reflects the concepts addressed in
our course materials. Your paper, not counting the title
page, reference list, etc., should be no longer than 5 pages.

Please provide a minimum of 2 citations within your paper
and in your reference list at the end of your paper.