Phylogenetic tree matrix

Phylogenetic tree matrix and solved tree Due May 3, 2018 (last day of class) or earlier as a HARD copy Evolution, Spring 2018 10 points This assignment is a “second chance” for completing a matrix and phylogenetic tree. It is worth 10.0 points and is considered part of Exam 1, which means Exam 1 is worth a total of 90 points (see syllabus). I will assign up to 2.0 extra credit points for exceptional work. Please follow the instructions. Let me know if you have any questions. INSTRUCTIONS:

1. Choose at least five (5) taxa including an outgroup. For example, if you’re interested in mammals you would choose at least four mammals and an obvious outgroup such as fish, insect, plant, etc. Justify the use of your specific outgroup in 1-2 sentences.

2. Find at least five (5) characters (remember they must be homologous) and generate a matrix. Remember that the informative characters are synapomorphies.

3. Using your matrix, build a fully resolved phylogenetic tree and map character evolution onto this framework.