Population-Focused Nursing Care in Communities

The aggregate group I am researching is the Retired Veterans in Louisville, KY.
Using the community as partner model-assess each aspect of this system.
The CORE (retired veterans of Louisville, KY) sits in the middle of this model. Assess the health status of the selected aggregate, you will want to Assess the demographics of the aggregate community, examine the morbidity and mortality stats for the community. The 8 subsystems that circle the core are also assessed briefly. These include the following: 1. Physical environment 2. Education- educational services available 3. Safety and Transportation- resources and services available amd identified 4. Politics and Government-systems in place 5. Health and Social Services-resources and services available amd identified 6. Communication-modes of communication prevalent within the community 7. Economics-the economic situation and its impact 8. Recreation-recreation and leisure activities that are available and assessible in the community
Data collection methods will include the following: Internet searches, review of published information and data and identification of resources as well as other creative assessment strategies.
Data Analysis-looking at all the components of the data collected, establish some meaningful conclusions about the health of the community that can be validated by the data, including the community strengths and weaknesses, supports and barriers which have been identified.
Based upon the analysis of community assessment data, develop at least 3 nursing diagnosis for the community. The community nursing diagnosis must be validated by the community assessment data presented………………………….