Reflective essay: Workplace bullying against nursing students in the clinical setting

For this task, you need to describe a situation you experienced in clinical practice, critically analyse this issue, reflect on this experience using the Gibbs (1988) reflective cycle (see below), make recommendations for future practice, and identify strategies to implement these recommendations.

Examples of issues you may have experienced in clinical practice: poor sharp’s disposal, safe medication administration; a new nursing management for a disease / illness; falls prevention; bedside handover; bullying; effective communication between health care professionals; complex wound care; an excellent learning experience with a buddy.

Practical Applications
This essay will be a reflection on your prior clinical experience using the Gibbs (1988) reflective cycle.
Your essay should include the following:

1. Introduction (outline the purpose of the essay including the use of Gibbs (1988) reflective cycle) (3 marks)
2. What is the issue?
a. Describe the issue you observed in clinical practice and how it made you feel. Ensure that you explain the components of the Gibbs (1988) reflective cycle and why reflection is important. Together, this should make it clear as to why you were prompted to reflect on this issue. (no references) (10 marks)
b. Evaluate the prevalence of this issue (i.e. how widespread is it), and its possible impact on, for example, patient care, nursing standards, nursing practice, policies and procedures, and the links to NMBA Competency Standards (references needed to support your statements) (20 marks)
c. Critically analyse your clinical practice issue (30 marks)
d. Support your reflection throughout by identifying and discussing what the research findings (Australian and international) report about the issue (references needed) (10 marks)
3. Make recommendations (action plan) for future clinical practice or nurses/nursing professional development (references needed to support your statements) (5 marks)
a. Justify the selection of these recommendations based on your experience (critical reflection) and evidence-based literature (references needed) (5 marks)
b. Provide strategies to implement the recommendations – this is an important part of the action plan (5 marks)
4. Conclusion (2 marks)
5. Spelling and grammar (5 marks)
6. Referencing (5 marks)

The following is a report of the incident that I wish to reflect on:

Wednesday 12th August 2015, approx 1305hrs

Persons involved: Myself – David Mitchell, RN Sharen, RN Lucy
Witnesses: RN Sam, Griffith Student Miriam, Griffith Student Sraddah

I looked after patients in bed 33 and bed 34 on the early shift, I had rehearsed handover with my buddy RN Anastasia and was waiting at the patients bedsides to give this handover to oncoming staff, RN Lucy and RN Sam, and x2 students. I commenced the handover beside the nursing station directly opposite beds 33 and 34. All the above mentioned people were present when I commenced handover, no one else was present at this bedside handover. I had almost completed verbal handover on bed 33, when RN Sharon stood behind RN Lucy and started whispering to RN Lucy, which resulted in both nurses laughing. I paused handover and stated to RN Lucy and RN Sharon “What are you guys talking about?”. Following this statement, both RN Lucy and RN Sharon paused and looked at me, when RN Sharon states “you haven’t mentioned circulatory obs?”. I continued handover on beds 33 and 34, then RN Lucy stayed with me and explained the importance of mentioning circulatory obs at a bedside handover, I accepted her explanation and I then explained to her that RN Anastasia had told me not to mention circulatory obs because some nurses will find that unnecessary information. RN Sharon was sitting at the nurses station in front of a PC, she said to me “next time you do a handover, be prepared for questions, because it’s all well and good saying your patient attended an appointment but you need to tell us the outcome of their appointment”. I then said to RN Sharon “I was actually really put off by you whispering and laughing at me during a handover, I was already nervous enough without you doing that to me”. RN Sharon did not respond, RN Lucy was still beside me when I made that statement, and she too did not respond. I then left the area and immediately phoned my facilitator RN Tracy to discuss the incident that had just occurred.

I felt bullied by RN Sharon and RN Lucy by this incident, I did not want to return to the ward after this had happened. I also feel that I gave both RN Sharon and RN Lucy x2 chances to explain and apologise for the incident occurring, therefore I feel that this was a case of bullying/harassment and should be dealt with according to Queensland Health policy and procedures.