z Scores, Type I and II Errors, Hypothesis Testing


*****IBM SPSS Statistics Standard GradPack Needed for this Assignment*****

z Scores, Type I and II Errors, Hypothesis Testing
This is your second IBM SPSS assignment. It includes three sections in which you will:

Generate z scores for a variable in grades.sav and report and interpret them.
Analyze cases of Type I and Type II errors.
Analyze cases to either reject or not reject a null hypothesis.
Download the Unit 4 Assignment 1 Answer Template from the Resources area and use the template to complete the following sections:

Section 1: z Scores in SPSS.
Section 2: Case Studies of Type I and Type II Errors.
Section 3: Case Studies of Null Hypothesis Testing.
Format your answers in narrative style, integrating supporting statistical output (table and graphs) into the narrative in the appropriate places (not all at the end of the document). See the Copy/Export Output Instructions in the Resources area for assistance.

Submit your answer template as an attached Word document in the assignment area.