Health services managers

Health services managers use various “tools” every day to fulfill their roles and responsibilities in their organizations. It is important to understand what these tools are and how they are used by health services managers. This project introduces several tools used by health services managers, and also gives you the opportunity to develop “real,” workable examples of your own for a set scenario.
Goal of the Project
In this project, you will prepare tools that a health services manager would use in a set scenario.

Due Date
In Week 10, you will present all of these tools to your manager (instructor) in the form of a portfolio. You should consider the comments that your instructor has provided when making revisions for you final submittal.
Time Line
In your position as the Clinic Manager, you are asked to prepare the following tools as part of your job duties:
Part I Mission, Vision, and Values
Part II Policy/Procedure
Part III Organization Chart