Refer to the attach file for writing on activity 12.23

Refer to the attach file for writing on activity 12.23
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Complete activity 12.23. Choose a piece of equipment that would be needed in a business (do NOT choose copiers, computers, or cell phones). Your research might include interviews with individuals (users, owners, salespeople, technicians, fellow employees,etc.) in a position to comment on the attributes of the equipment, and information in print form or electronic sources, such as magazine articles, company web sites, or owner manuals.
Components : Introduction, body, conclusions, recommendations, bibliography. Report must also include at least one meaningful visual component (graph, chart, picture, etc.). [Note: Although the text sample does not show a bibliography page, you must have one showing all your sources of information.
Information Sources : A minimum of three sources including at least one primary source and one Internet source. (A primary source would be a personal interview, a survey you conducted, a demonstration you observed, trying the equipment yourself, etc.)
Formatting : Use memo format for this informal business report.