05-D1 Writing Assignment: Policy Involvement (Essay Sample)

Topic 1: Policy Involvement (page 1)

As an advance practice nurse, could be involved in the political system. Describe any involvement that you have had. If you have not had any involvement, describe an area in which you would like to see public policy changed (1 page APA format, 6th edition, 2 references).

Discussion Topic 2: Skills for Agenda Setting (page 2).

Assume that you have been invited to your state board of nursing or state nurses’ association meeting to brainstorm health policy issues. Identify an issue that you would bring before this meeting. What resources would you use? What communication techniques would you use? What agenda would you put forth? What skills are required of you as an advance practice nurse at this meeting? (1 page APA format, 6th edition, 3 references within 3 years).