Analysis of the Three Most Important Elements from the Years between 1945–2000, And Their Effects Today

Around the 1890’s, American Press Association (APA) gathered together the “best minds” with an aim of exploring what was expected of the twentieth century. None of them saw the dark sides of the twentieth century, including world war I and II, the development of nuclear and chemical warfare, and the stability of the natural world being threatened by emergence of global threats. The worlds’ population hitting a billion, aleading to a struggle for the diminishing resources was also unpredicted. Twentieth century achievements, which were not furthomed include development in the aviation industry such as sosphisticated jet engines, the development of computers, the rise of genetic engineering just to mention but a few. These advancements have also been witnessed in all facets of life including the economy and the medical field. This essay exploresthree main areas of advancement witnessed in the period between 1945-1995. The three periods of focus are, Global economy, innovation and advancement in the medical sector, and finnaly, innovation and advancement in technology. The paper further explore how these advancements and innovations affects contemporary life and the dangers and or opportunities they pose to the population for the next 20 years.

One of the main advancement in the medical field on th onsent of the second half of the 20th Century was the discovery of the contraceptive pills. The dicovery by a company called Syntex that ovulation could be prevented was the main source of the current contraceptives and modern methods of family planning. This discovery continues to affect the current population in many ways. The first way is that family can now be well planned and organized which makes it easy for not only parents, but also the government to plan adequately for provision of basic services like education and health care. Shortly after the discovery of the contraceptives in 1951, two Britons discovered DNA in 1953. It was the same year when stem cells were discovered by an American named Leroy Stevens. These discoveries especially on the DNA has altered the world order not only in the medical field, but also in other areas such as in the field of criminal justice. DNA matches has assisted modern forensic scientists unravel complex crimes as well as in a identification of disaster victims. It is also worth to note that it is from this discovery that new technologies such genetic engineering are rooted. Thus, the discovery remains one of the most influencial medical innovation of the 20th …………………….