The Dollar Game Ethics

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Answer the following 5 questions. Around 4 pages. Do not do it as Essay format. Just answer the questions one by one, each question at least more than half pages, also answer with evidence that provided relevant information from personal experience or other outside sources with appropriate interpretation.

The question are base with the game we played in the class, it is called “the dollar game ethics”. To played this game, my teacher randomly give us one index cards per student and collect $1 from us. There are 5 students was randomly receive the index cards with the dollar sign at the back. The rest of us just receive the blank index cards (I got the black index card). After that, the teacher told us: each dollar sign card holders must bargain with blank card holders to able to collect $8 dollars back from the teacher (there will be 5 group form since we have 5 dollar sign card holder). Once the card holder collect $ 8 dollars, they should divide the dollar based on your negotiated agreement. You will lose your dollar if you are not part of the deal. Then, we started join group with people who is dollar sign card holders. Most of the dollar sign card holders decided to form a group of 8, so they can get $1 dollar back for each person. Some dollar sign card holders decided to form a group less than 8, so they can get more than $1 per person for their group. I am in a group that had 7 people. After we all form different groups, each dollar sign card holders went to the front and got the $8 dollar back from the teacher. However, each group found out that they got the different amount. Some group got only $6, some group got only $7, some group got $8. As the result, some group of 8 people who want to get their $1 back, are not able to do so, since they had less than $8 dollar, and they need to find a way to decide who got the money and who don’t get money. My group was lucky, we got $7 and we had 7 people. So, each of us can get $1 dollar. Of course, some group only had 4 people, they still got more than 1 dollar.

Above is the description of the dollar game we played in the class. If you still had no idea, you can search online. Right now, base on the game, you had to help me answer the 5 questions with around 4 pages.

1. Summarize the exercise in one paragraph and state your status (winner, break even, minor loser, or big loser).

PS: I am break even, since I gave $1 dollar to the teacher and got $1 back.

2. What are the ethical issues involved in this exercise? Was the exercise fair? If not, why? This is where you can express your frustration of not getting back your money.

3. Make analogies between the exercise and life in general. Assume a dollar sign card represents a scare resource such as information, power, authority, social connections as well as money. You may refer to your work experience or news articles.

4. What’s your takeaway from Stanford prison experiment ( you can watch it in youtube)? If possible, try to link it to the dollar game.

5. Was it ethical to do this study? Was it right to trade the suffering experienced by participants for the knowledge gained by the research?

I had upload to rubric about how my teacher grade this assignment. This is a

Business & Professional Ethics class, all we learn is about business ethics. The most important thing is answer the question with evidence ( from textbook, personal experience or other outside sources). Don’t plagiarize, my teacher will find out. Again, don’t do it as essay format, just answer the 5 questions and total 4 pages.