The Freudian Theory of Personality

TOPIC: The Freudian Theory of Personality
(1) First, identify one or two aspects of the course that added to your knowledge of personality development, in general, and explain why. (2) Then, identify at least one thing you learned that is directly related to your own area of interest. For example, if your area of interest is criminal justice, what can you take away from this class that will help you with your future work in that area? If your area of interest is psychology, how will what you learned in this class help you be successful in future psychology courses? If your area of interest is being a better spouse and/or parent, then what new tools can you glean from this course for that purpose? If there is more than one area in which you think you can apply what you have learned, you may, of course, discuss more than one, but only one application of learning to interest area is required for this last post.

Give it thoughtful consideration. What did you learn and why was it interesting enough to make you want to discuss it here?