Week 1 Research Assignment: Technology And Social Isolation (Essay Sample)

Class: for this discussion, choose ONE topic that you would like to use for your Course Project. You only have to use ONE of the subtopics for this Discussion. You may use more if you are undecided about which topic you would like to write about, but you do NOT have to write about every single subtopic.
Through the Course Project, you will engage in writing about a real-world topic that is aimed at a specified reader in the form of an argument.
The Course Project will address a topic within one of 4 course themes: education, technology, family, or health and wellness. Each topic encompasses the potential for controversy, which means there is more than one valid way of looking at the issue and presenting the issue to an audience. The paper will introduce the topic, provide background information, present a main argument with evidence, and conclude in a way that clearly leads a reader to take desired or recommended action.
Above all, it is important to keep in mind that the Course Project is an argumentative essay, not an informative essay, so you must choose a debatable approach to whichever sub-topic you pursue.
The course themes of education, technology, family, and health and wellness are topics that touch each of our lives in some way. In this discussion, practice exploring the themes as a researcher would: by creating problem statements.
How do you do this? Ask and then answer the question using a sub-topic (see below). Here’s an example. “For whom is [school bullying] a problem?” In your post, provide the question and then the answer to the question. For example, “School bullying is a problem for victims of bullying because. . . .” Complete the statement based on your experience and knowledge.
Health and Wellness
School Bullies
Multitasking and Technology
Sexualization of Girls
College Students and Weight Issues
No Child Left Behind Act/Race to the Top
Technology and Social Isolation
Gender Discrimination
Childhood Obesity
Grade inflation
Perils of Social Networking
Unequal Rights in Marriage, Children
Fad Diets
College Students and Underage Drinking
Online Dating/ Online Predators/Sex Offenders
Children of Divorce
Junk Food
Student Debt
Illegal Downloading of Protected Content
Domestic Violence
Sedentary Lifestyles
College Students, Cheating and Plagiarism
Internet Censorship/ Classified Information Leaks
Teenage Pregnancy
College Dropout Rates
Identity Theft
Life-Work (Im)balance/ Flexible Work Schedules
Concussions in Athletes
High School Dropouts
Texting and Driving

Insurance Premiums for Smokers and Obese Employees