Anatomy & Physiology Assignment

Chapter 9 – Research Assignment.

Muscular Tissue.

The Electromyography.


The assignment consists in finding the meaning of: Electromyography, and when is indicated to perform such procedure.

How to submit your Assignment:

Go and click on LESSONS on the left menu of the Blackboard course.

Look for the specific Chapter.

Open your assignment clicking under the Research Assignment.

Read the instructions.

Build your assignment as a WORD document independent from the Blackboard system.

Copy and paste your WORD paragraph into the assignment submission section by clicking on:

TEXT SUBMISSION – Write submission. (Not inside the window for Comments)

After that click, a window for the submission will open and now you can paste your WORD

document into that window.

Scroll down all the way and find the place for SUBMIT. Click on that and it is ready submitted.