Business Improvement Project: Business Case Study

FOLLOW All the instruction and components . NO PLAGIARISM. Used each of the components of the case study format.


Build upon analytical and development skills when preparing a case study Identify change initiatives to incorporate into the case study


Case studies provide an opportunity to bring real world practices into the classroom and boardroom for further study. You have had the opportunity to analyze and scrutinize a variety of case studies in this course, as well as others over your BBA studies, and you now have the opportunity to develop your own case study related to a change initiative at an organization :Walmart Canada.


Utilize this resource in order to gather information about the development of a case study:

Monash University Library (2007) “How to Write a Case Study,” Retrieved January 22, 2014 from


Prepare a business case study outlining a change initiative in an organization, using the information below as a guide.

Maximum length: 15 double-spaced pages.
Follow APA standards for style, citations, and references (a minimum of 8 academic sources).
Your case study report should have the following components in this order:
Cover Page
Executive Summary (Focus on key points/findings – often written last).
Background Information (A brief history of the organization and a current situation analysis outlining where the organization currently finds itself).
Identified the Need for Change in the Organization.
Identified the process used to facilitate change in the organization.
Conclusions (Should include where the organization might go from here, and/or how the sustainability of the change can be ensured).
Appendices (Any charts, financials, visuals, or other related items can be placed here and referenced in the report).