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Answer each on separate pages. If answered in the same page you will not get paid.

352-1 (250 words)

Describe the concept of “Economies of Scale” as it relates to the transportation industry. What advantages has economies of scale brought to transportation? Can you think of any disadvantages?

381-2 (250 words)

In week 8, you will prepare a post on the premise that a hazardous material leak has occurred in a school building. There are numerous signs on the door, one in particular is a DOT placard of 3318 on the door. You swing the door open and there is a man passed out on the floor with a very small 1 person fire beside him. You see a Class A extinguisher beside him on the wall. How would you go forward? Approach this scenario as a hazmat technician. Use everything you have learned in this class to answer this question.

Hlss-3 (350 words)

Respond to the below discussion questions taken from the Lessons (Required Reading). You are expected to give complete answers referring to what you have read. Reference to, or the use of critical thinking, analysis, what you have learned in previous courses, the media, and in your professional lives is also expected. Define the subject; make references to what you have read, what you have learned elsewhere, and then form a response.

The following historical incidents happened over 60 plus years ago. Assess the lessons learned from these port incidents and discuss measures taken to mitigate these issues from happening again. Support your response in a paragraph or two for each of the following:

Halifax Explosion – 1917

Pearl Harbor – 1941

Port of Chicago – 1944

Texas City – 1947