Stated how personal philosophy changed or stayed the same since writing ‘beginning thoughts

Here are the instructions:
For this assignment, you will be writing a professional nursing paper. Utilize your course readings, articles you find during a literature search of the topic, and/or web links to assist you as you write. Please read the instructions from the paper grading criteria very carefully and allow yourself enough time to adequately prepare for this assignment. You may work on your paper as you go through the course modules. If you need help with writing and APA format.

This paper is worth 27% of your course grade. This paper and your ‘Beginning thoughts’ paper are worth a total of 30% of your course grade. Please follow the Professional Nursing Paper Grading Criteria to assure you receive maximal points on this assignment. Pay particular attention to APA format. Failure to answer all parts of the paper completely can adversely affect your grade on this assignment. Only one submission is allowed. The paper will be processed through Turn it In to check for originality so be sure to cite your sources and quotes.

1). Content: Definition of nursing. 20 points
Defined nursing in a clear, concise manner. States own beliefs and values. As appropriate, identified concepts or theories from others.

2).Content: Beliefs and values about nurses and nursing 60 points
Addressed all 4 major concepts: health and illness, nursing as a profession, ethical and legal responsibilities, nurse’s role and/or nursing concepts. Compared own philosophy with that of another nurse. As needed, included other concepts or theories. Appropriate references made to the work of others. Stated how personal philosophy changed or stayed the same since writing ‘beginning thoughts’.

3)References & citations.10 points
Citations in correct APA format throughout paper. (3 points). Reference list includes minimum of four (4) scholarly references, publication date within last 10-15 years (2 points). Reference list consistently follows APA format (5 points)

4) Paper format 10 points
Margins & headings in APA style (1 point). Running head & page numbers (1 points). Introductory paragraph and summary paragraph at end of paper (3 points). Less than 2 spelling or grammar errors (1 points). No more than 3 direct quotes (2 points). Length of paper: 3-5 pages, excluding title page and list of references (2 points) .