Write and submit your response to four of the six questions below.

A hacker breaks into the computer systems at Brigham & Women’s Hospital at four o’clock on a Monday morning. Before most of the doctors arrive to treat their patients for the day, the malicious computer intruder changes a number of patient files on the hospital’s central database system: surgeries slated to be performed on the right leg are now switched to the left leg; recorded blood types are altered from AB negative to O-positive; warnings for known allergies to medicines such as penicillin are electronically erased from patients’ charts; and laboratory records on HIV blood test results are insidiously switched from negative to positive just before patients are to receive their results.

Write and submit your response to 
four of the six questions below.

  • How would this case be investigated?
  • What law enforcement agencies would be involved?
  • What if it turns out that the cyber-criminal lives outside Massachusetts, in another state or another country? Who has jurisdiction?
  • Considering the lack of physical boundaries on the internet, is it possible to reach out beyond the court’s geographic boundaries to haul a defendant into its court for conduct in “Cyberspace”?
  • How does a country request the extradition of an alleged offender if the requested nation has no equivalent offence?
  • What if there are wide discrepancies in the types of punishment and sentencing?