Micro Biology

I need it in 24 hour in one page as short as possible but answering the all questions and use reference that i can find online for free

we have discussed the very important topic of viruses. For the Discussion Board this week, please read the following prompt, research the topic, . You must include at least 2 scientific references in correct APA format.

Here are the specific directions

1). Read the following case study.

You have been invited to attend a scientific meeting in South America. At first you are very excited, but then realize that there a has been a lot of talk recently about the Zika virus which is more prevalent in South/Central America. You decide to get informed about this virus, and begin to read all you can find about it. Some of the things that you find out are surprising!

2). In this Discussion Board, please respond to the following questions. Please include sufficient detail in your responses.

Why is the Zika virus unlike many other vector-borne diseases in regard to its transmission?

What are the signs and symptoms of this viral infection?

What are the dangers of this virus for people of child-bearing age?

How are you going to protect yourself from being infected with this virus?