Research Paper

Research Paper is a 5-8 page (1200 to 2000 words) research paper on any topic, as long as it pertains to biological/physical anthropology. Font will be 12pt in Times New Roman (or something very similar), oneinch margins and has to be at least 3 journal articles that are related to the topic of interest and using their content to support the paper. As this is an academic paper sources must be academic peer-reviewed journals, which means no blogs, no wikipedia, no newspapers ( this includes National Geographic and Smithsonian). Some books may be acceptable, but I would advise against their use, as it may be hard to ferret out what would work and what will lose you points. Anything that is not common knowledge requires a citation. citations has to be used in accordance to the AAA style guide.

The sources you use need to be academic.

This can’t be plagiarized