Comment 1. On the other hand, when you consider a transitory event, such as in elections, this time is at most a few months. Instant gratification for results, in this case, is understandable, one other reason why it’s extremely important that we get our statistics right. In our country (as in most others), statistics is one way that is extensively used during election; no wonder we often find the general populace to have speedy repercussions Comment2.n research, almost all stages require statistics in making it gain scientific importance and at the end have results, which are reliable. In research, in inappropriate statistical methods and techniques the cost of analyzing the data will be high and in most cases result in errors and results which are misleading. Even with proper planning with improper statistical concepts results lead to mistakes especially to those who use the research for studies.

There are diverse kinds of illustrations to show the circulation and the inclination of the variable in detail. In any case, a large portion of the researchers does not know which realistic compose is appropriate for which kind of information and goal, so they plot the diagrams aimlessly, bringing about the wrong impression of the genuine idea of the information. Realistic portrayals can be deceiving, and substantial contrasts between bunches that accompany huge changeability will not be critical, no matter what they look like.