Global Marketing Pricing Assignment


Pricing in international marketing is complex. A single company may implement multiple strategies for each market. In fact, there is no hard and fast rule, but there are specific factors that inform how pricing is determined. For this assignment, research global pricing strategies on the web and develop a checklist of 10 factors that impact pricing in international markets.

Reference: Keegan, W.J., & Green, M.C. (2014). Global Marketing, (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson. ISBN: 978-0133545005

Achieve the following guidelines: The paper clearly addresses all aspects of the assignment and has a thoughtful thesis that is developed thoroughly and consistently. The paper also includes a fully developed, interesting introduction and a strong conclusion, and the body develops the main idea in a sharply focused, coherent fashion that includes the use of appropriate transitions. The style and tone of the writing are consistent and reflect the standards required of the profession, and the audience is properly and consistently addressed. The writing reflects the standards of written English and displays almost no errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, or mechanics. The content of the paper is well reasoned and reflects the highest standards of analysis expected in the discipline. Solid independent thinking is evident. Sources provide excellent, appropriate support for the thesis, and the sources are accurately represented. The paper also recognizes and admirably addresses other points of view. Both in-text and bibliographic sources are properly documented.