Indigenous Independence and Globalization

Indigenous Independence and Globalization

This activity will enable you to:

Analyze significant economic questions according to the standards of the discipline in at least three broad subfields of economics, such as applied microeconomics, global and macroeconomics, econometrics and finance. (Economics Major Outcome #3)

Analyze international and global issues and problems and articulate how politics, cultural differences, economics, and religions may shape various perspectives and proposed solutions to these problems. (General Education Outcome # 5.3)

Identify social arrangements interpreted as unjust and articulate the implications for social policy and action. (Sociology Major Outcome #4)

Understand the process of globalization and its consequences for societies, cultures, groups, and individuals

Provide a variety of perspectives on the different dimensions and complexity of globalization

A skull formed out of contents of a drum marked as TOXIC.

Read the following from Lechner and Boli (Eds.), (2015). The Globalization Reader (5th ed.):

Intro to Part XII

Chapter 73: Ecological Balance in an Era of Globalization

Answer the following questions:

What negative consequences does the latest wave of globalization have, and how does Shiva denounce these?

Do you think that farmers should reject the new high-yielding seeds for the native seeds?

What is your solution to this problem?