Is doing a little at a time the only way to go if one wants to succeed in finishing the project. 

 I agree that breaking big projects down into smaller projects helps the individual not feel so overwhelmed. Is doing a little at a time the only way to go if one wants to succeed in finishing the project.

Q2. I agree. In the Middle East, for example, when two leaders meet, it is the subordinate who steps up to do introductions while, in America, it is the other way around.

Q3. Again, I agree with you. When I was working at Wal-Mart, I would see a lot of misuse of legitimate power in the managers. We hourly wage employees would, consequently, gossip and gripe about office politics and favoritism. We rarely had any voluntarily given respect for the managers as a result. The only manager we had respect for was the Store manager himself because we would see him jump on register with the cashiers when we were slammed and understaffed (due to call-offs mostly) or we would see him bringing in carts from the parking lot or picking up a broom. We had respect for a manager who treated us with respect and didn’t think him or herself better than us.

Q4. I agree with you about the sports stars “getting away with murder”, so to speak. I see this is a lot of celebrities. However, unlike hollywood celebs who I have seen get arrested for what they have done (like Lindsey Lohan or Winona Ryder), I see that sports stars don’t suffer any consequences. This says a lot about what America values most. Although one sports celebrity did suffer severe consequences for being a pedophile. However, he was a coach and not an athlete. If he was an athlete, he would have gotten away with it, unfortunately.

As for sexual harassment suits, it is sad but women are afraid to come forward due to the fear of being put on trial for their claims. What I mean by this is that, if they come forward, they will be judged for what they wear, where they were, etc. with the defense claiming that the women “asked for it”. I know because it happened to me while I was in the Navy several years ago. In addition, the defendants would most likely have better lawyers due to the fact that they would probably be making more money than the women.

One really good example of this is the case against Bill Cosby. There are a lot of women coming forward against Bill Cosby for sexual harassment yet he is getting away scot free and has his fans convinced that the women are lying. One woman, maybe, but when several women come forward stating the same thing, there is something to their story. The same situation is happening with our “president”.

What really gets me upset is when one woman is found to be lying about the sexual harassment charges (or rape charges) because, then, it reflects badly on the women who are telling the truth. THIS is why women hesitate to come forward.

In the matter of business, this kind of *&%$# is what will make or break a business. Because these allegations will lead both the customers and other employees to wonder what kind of company they are doing business with (or working for). The company will suffer bad press and the world will be watching and waiting to see what the company will do about the one accused.

My opinion is that company leaders should stop worrying about bad press and do the right thing. If it is found that the person did commit sexual harassment, the company should fire the individual and should, at least, offer counseling and support to the victim(s). The company should, also, discuss the matter with its employees and stress their intolerance of such behavior. If the company does the right thing out of a true sense of ethics, then they will not have to worry about bad publicity. In fact, their actions in the matter may even strengthen business relationships and even attract new ones with customers and new hires that respect the company for their integrity.

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