is it okay for doctors to over prescribe antibiotics

Considering what we have learned about natural selection, is it okay for doctors to over prescribe antibiotics? Do you think we have the possibility of creating a “superbug” that we cannot treat? Doctors know this, so why do they “overuse” antibiotics? What about farmers who feed their livestock antibiotics so they grow faster?


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No, I think that antibiotic should not be overused and it is inappropriate such as taking antibiotics to treat viral infections and to bears a heavy responsibility to creating the antibiotic-resistant of superbug crisis that they are facing today. I feel that we should not create something that we do not have any control of. The spread of superbugs is like people who are sick, hospitalized, or living in a nursing home is a growing concern. These kinds of germs develop when people and animals use antibiotics they don’t need. In some cases, even when some doctors agree that antibiotic overuse is a major problem or know that the drugs are not appropriate for a specific condition, they may not think their individual practices, or those of peers in the same medical specialty, contribute significantly to the problem. That means that using antibiotics as minimally as needed to fight bacterial infections and to keep animal’s healthy. In the past farmer was using antibiotics to help their lives stock and to promote faster growth.