iscuss the advantages of the biomedical model of health with regards to understanding the case study above. What about the disadvantages?

Sarah had just turned 32 and was in her first semester at university when her world began to crumble. This could not have come at a worse time as she has always looked forward to doing a Health Studies degree.

Her weekly part-time care work thinned out due to this overwhelming tiredness; this is in spite of following the suggested relaxation technique. Her partner, Harry suggested she take ginger and lemon for the flu like symptoms but nothing seemed to work. Eventually, after four weeks of procrastinating, she went to see the GP. However, before then, being from a mixed English-African parentage, her paternal grandmother Iyabo an African gave her some herbs supposing this to be a problem of a weakened immune system.

She prescribed ginger, a cocktail of horny goat weed and other herbs to will restore Sarah’s health. When she went to see her GP who was nearing retirement- Doctor Jones, suspected depression and put her on anti-depressants, however 6 months on, things didn’t improve. She failed a number of core modules at university and also gave me her part time job due to inability to cope.

She was so miserable and confused as the medication prescribed by the doctor was not working. Her Sister Helen suggested she go to a genito-urinary medicine clinic for an HIV test as she thought her symptoms were similar to those encountered by a newly diagnosed friend of hers. While Sarah resisted at first, for fear of finding out her status, she eventually went and the test confirmed she was HIV positive which left her further distraught. Her partner Harry was tested and was negative.

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