Microbiology Power Point

I need it in 24 hour maximum presentation answering the all questions and use tow reference in correct APA format that i can find online for free this not writing homework please read all the assigment before sign the handshake

A main theme of this course is infectious disease. In this Discussion Board, you will use the information you have been learning about infectious diseases in order to design a powerpoint presentation outlining the key information about a specific infectious disease of your choosing.

Here are the specific directions for the Module this week:

1). Watch the following video on the ‘Top 10 Infectious Diseases’.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILUu1zUlo38 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

2). Choose one of the leading infectious diseases discussed in this video.

3). Design and post a 7-10 slide powerpoints presentation on this specific infectious disease.

This presentation must include at least the following information and you must include at least 2 scientific references in correct APA format.

The specific organism (Genus and species) that causes this disease and what type of

organism it is (e.g. Gram – rod, or a DNA virus, etc.).

All of the known virulence factors of this organism.

The reservoir, transmission route, and portal of entry into the human body.

Details on the 4 stages of this infectious disease, including:

– incubation

– prodromal

– illness

– convalescence

How this particular infectious disease is categorized…

– acute or chronic

– local or systemic